Welcome to Cupid Flowers

Cupids LLC has been in Dubai for over 15 years, established in 2004, in the Emirates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with its primary focus to serve the various business segments in Dubai, initially and expand its presence in the other emirates.

Cupid is a variation on the Latin word "Cupido", meaning "desire" and was also known by the name "Amor" which means "love". It is this "desire" to bring a whiff of fresh air into your life and add a creative new dimension to gift giving, and our 'love' and respect of nature's beauty that has prompted us at "Cupids" to provide the community a complete solution in floral arrangements for all occasions.

……………….Anytime …………….Anywhere.

Our service combines the love of classic design with creative seasonal use of all nature's bounty. We are dedicated to providing a high standard of quality with our combination of imagination and experience, which sets us a part from the competition.

We firmly believe that the key to success in this business is the quality and presentation of the final product backed by superior customer service personal attention and prompt delivery.

From a simply bouquet to large corporate arrangements, we are always ready to help with any enquiries. Our team of dedicated designer's, hold several years of experience in the flower business and expertise in arrangements for individuals parties, weddings, offices, and hotels.

We import from our global partners from different regions, most of whom are growers of flowers. Products are imported ensuring that the cool-chain is never broken as it has a very direct impact on quality and freshness of our flowers.